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About me

I’m passionate about helping people find hope and restoration in relationships. These resources you’ll find on my site have played a big part in my own life.

I am a member of the National Christian Counselors Association (, with a master’s degree in Christian Clinical Counseling, utilizing  Temperament Assessment. I am also a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and have completed their Mental Health Coaching program. My certifications include: Brain Health Coach and Licensed Trainer with Amen University, along with recently completing the Food Matters Nutrition Coaching program with Food Matters Institute. 

My desire to help and improve the lives of others has led me to be an active volunteer, in a variety of programs throughout the years, within my local community. 

Brain Health Resources

The first step to improving your brain health is recognizing, identifying, and understanding any factors that may be impacting your health.


APS™ Assessment

Pinpoint inborn disposition to reduce stress, anxiety, and/or conflict.


Identify your specific brain type to  improve & maximize your brain health.


Gain into how past experiences may affect your present reactions.

Dr. Amen

World renowned psychiatrist focused on revolutionizing brain health to end mental illness.

Which brain type are you? In just 5 minutes you could get a snapshot of your brain health. Dr. Amen’s Brain Health Assessment can help you to identify potential brain health risk factors, as well as, discover foods, supplements, and exercises specific to your brain type for achieving optimal physical and mental wellness.

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Featured Supplements

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Feel happier, calmer, and mentally sharper.

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