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Amen University Courses

Online Courses

Improve and optimize your brain health today with individual online courses, and sample lessons, on a variety of mental health topics.

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Establish healthier habits to better manage A.D.D. symtoms.

Identify root causes, learn about the Autism types, and more.

Enhance employee creativity, innovation, and productivity. While reducing employee stress and improving moral.

Learn the essentials to optimize brain function and health.

Naturally heal your brain from past injuries, no matter how recent.

Fun and interactive course to teach little ones to understand and care for their brain health.

Improve your overall health by changing your mindset & turning pain into purpose.

The fundamentals of mental brain health to change your brain, life, and reverse brain aging.

Identify and unlock what make you and your brain uniquely happy for a better life.

Improve your overall health, sleep better, and develop sustainable sleeping patterns for life.

Transform your life. Tame past Dragons, gain courage & insight, and learn to overcome.

Holistic methods to optimize memory, prevent memory loss, and rescue your memory.

For Professionals

The following Amen courses are specifically designed for professionals. To determine which course is right for you checkout: Differences: Brain Health Trainer vs. Brain Health Professional

Learn the techniques and methods to teach brain health, as well as, in-depth training on a multitude of conditions.

Boost your own brain health and gain the tools, resources, and knowledge to help others improve their own brain health.