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Daily multivitamin for men and women that delivers comprehensive brain-boosting benefits.

Best-selling formula to sharpen your memory and support your cognition, mental clarity, and concentration.

Omega-3 Power provides 1,600 mg of DHA, EPA and other omega-3s to power your mood, focus, memory, cognition, and heart.


Create a solid foundation for whole-brain & body health.

Packaged into convenient daily packs, making whole-brain, whole-body nourishment a cinch.

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Create a solid foundation for whole-brain & body health.

Feel happier, calmer, and mentally sharper.

Stress relief in delicious, plant-based gummy form.

Revitalizing nutritional powerhouse.

Fuel your brain and body with a delicious plant-based protein bar.

Satisfy your chocolate cravings without sugar, artificial flavors, dairy, or guilt!

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Comparing the Courses at Amen University

Amen University offers two main courses for professionals: the Brain Health Professional Certification and the Brain Health Licensed Trainer Course.

Brain Health Professional Certification

  • Target Audience: Medically licensed professionals
  • CE Credits: 50
  • Focus: Comprehensive brain health education, clinical applications
  • Benefits: In-depth knowledge, clinical service discounts, access to expert content, affiliate opportunities

Brain Health Licensed Trainer Course

  • Target Audience: Non-medical coaches, facilitators, educators
  • Course Duration: 50 hours
  • Focus: Teaching brain health concepts, leading workshops, coaching
  • Benefits: Teaching license, content and business tools for brain health education, ability to train others, comprehensive lesson plans, exclusive discounts, affiliate opportunities

Which Course is Right for You?

  • Choose the Brain Health Professional Certification if you are a licensed medical professional seeking advanced clinical knowledge, CE credits, and the ability to apply this knowledge in a clinical setting.
  • Opt for the Brain Health Licensed Trainer Course if you are a coach, facilitator, or educator looking to incorporate brain health education into your practice, teach workshops, and improve both personal and community wellness.

For more information, visit Amen University For Professionals.