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APS™ Temperament Assessment

Mary is trained in Temperament Assessment utilizing the Arno Profile System (APS™) and is a member of the National Christian Counselor Association ( The APS™ is an online assessment tool that provides understanding into an individual’s natural tendencies for responding and interacting with their environment and people. Unlike other assessments, such as the Meyer Briggs which helps identify personality or the DISC assessment which helps identify behavioral patterns, the APS™ identifies a person’s inborn disposition referred to as temperament.

The APS™ also provides a good starting point in a therapeutic setting because it deals with the inner person first, rather than outer manifestations or problems.  The APS™ quickly identifies possible “hidden” problems and helps the individual successfully identify unmet needs that may be creating stress, anxiety and/or conflict in their life.

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Comparing the Courses at Amen University

Amen University offers two main courses for professionals: the Brain Health Professional Certification and the Brain Health Licensed Trainer Course.

Brain Health Professional Certification

  • Target Audience: Medically licensed professionals
  • CE Credits: 50
  • Focus: Comprehensive brain health education, clinical applications
  • Benefits: In-depth knowledge, clinical service discounts, access to expert content, affiliate opportunities

Brain Health Licensed Trainer Course

  • Target Audience: Non-medical coaches, facilitators, educators
  • Course Duration: 50 hours
  • Focus: Teaching brain health concepts, leading workshops, coaching
  • Benefits: Teaching license, content and business tools for brain health education, ability to train others, comprehensive lesson plans, exclusive discounts, affiliate opportunities

Which Course is Right for You?

  • Choose the Brain Health Professional Certification if you are a licensed medical professional seeking advanced clinical knowledge, CE credits, and the ability to apply this knowledge in a clinical setting.
  • Opt for the Brain Health Licensed Trainer Course if you are a coach, facilitator, or educator looking to incorporate brain health education into your practice, teach workshops, and improve both personal and community wellness.

For more information, visit Amen University For Professionals.